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Data access technologies come, and occasionally go, simply because they each accommodate the development needs around different kinds of applications and different kinds of data stores. This is why there are technologies for managed (.NET) and unmanaged (Win32) code, and technologies that accommodate applications wanting to be database-agnostic as well as those wanting to optimize for a particular source. It’s really just a matter of finding which method best fits your particular requirements. (For a concise selection guide across all presently-supported technologies, see the Learn page on the Data Developer Center.)

This was true with SQL Server from the beginning, which in itself was all about high-performance data access suitable for large numbers of concurrent users. Its focus was on serving up the data to whatever applications wanted to get at it, however those applications were written. In that sense, little has changed over the years except that the landscape of data sources is much more expansive, the types of database applications are much more varied, and the means of the latter talking to the former have been constantly built up, just as a small community with a couple of houses grows and matures into a full-fledged township. And it’s this particular story of growth that puts all of Microsoft’s data development technologies into context.

That conceptual and relational representations can be easily created using designers in Visual Studio, and the Entity Framework designer in Visual Studio will create a default mapping without any effort on your part. In other words, don’t think that working with the Entity Framework introduces more complexity than other solutions-it is, in fact, easier than everything else for core scenarios and offers much more flexibility beyond the basics. And the bottom line of it all is that you can focus your efforts on what you really care about-the conceptual objects and mapping-and not labor over all the tedious, error-prone plumbing code that’s traditionally left to summer interns.

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