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Modern automobiles are no longer just mechanical. The role of software and electronics inside automobiles, particularly passenger cars, has increased significantly. Modern cars rely on software for even the most basic operation. Software plays a role in enhancing the function of everything from brakes to carburetion to steering and more! The electronics, software and control systems used in automobiles in highly complex. Any automotive functional safety assessment, therefore, must take into account the complexity of these subsystems and their potential impact on the safety of the vehicle.

ISO 26262 is a regulation derived from IEC 61508 that is designed to assess and assure automotive safety in such cases. ISO 26262 aims to address potential problems that could arise from the use of software and electronic control systems within automobiles. ISO 26262 addresses possible hazards caused by malfunctioning r of software and electronic safety-related systems, including the interaction of such systems. Adopting rigorous development processes and industry best practices can eliminate risk and unpredictability in the behavior of the final product. Safety is non-negotiable and customers demand products that are safe and conform to regulations that govern safety.

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